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There are honestly so many things to be thankful for, as a student at the University of Florida. But if you ask me, there are even more things to be thankful for as a Journalism and Communications student at the university. We’ve got a phenomenal academic advising staff, and an updated, renovated, and innovative news room. We host a First at Five broadcast for WUFT News where students put their producing, reporting, anchoring, and other skills to the test on a daily basis. And among other things,  we’ve got an awesome Center for Media Innovation and Research. Below are some photos of my personal experiences working, learning, and growing at UF.


Reporting LIVE from the newsroom about a bill that altered the fate of dogs who severely injure humans.

Reporting LIVE from the Ocala Police Department for a fallen officer’s memorial.

Reporting LIVE from the studio about UF being recognized as a StormReady University.

I am blessed, honored, and thankful to be a part of such an incredible organization. The University of Florida’s Journalism School truly prepared me for my career and has provided a world of opportunities.



Although I don’t consider myself an “active” reader, I do enjoy picking up a book every once and a while. So I’m thankful for the suggestions (well, assignments) that my professor assigns for us to read. In other words, I often forget to give myself time to  pause reality and just enjoy a good book. I especially enjoy books that I can apply to my life and that force my mind to think and analyze a different world. That is exactly what Malcolm Gladwell’s book, The Tipping Point encouraged me to do.

Malcolm Gladwell is the author of several books. The Tipping Point was the first book of his that I was able to read and I genuinely enjoyed it. But not only I, my current roommate saw it lying on my bed and began explaining to me how incredible of a read it was. She mentioned how it really puts things into perspective and gets you thinking hard about how important the matter of point of view really is. She clearly read the book before I did and she was really satisfied seeing that Gladwell’s work is still being picked up.

The Tipping Point was a great read that engaged me from the beginning. In it, Gladwell analyzes and proposes a theory about how multiple life-factors make life what it is today. Some of those factors included fashion trends, crime rates, the transformation of books into bestsellers, the spreading of viruses, the rise of teenage smoking, and so many other things that all-together, make our everyday life. He mentions the idea that ideas and trends spread like epidemics, which is absolutely true. Gladwell uses examples from history to support this theory, which really helped me understand what he was trying to explain.

I really liked that the book focused on the idea that the smallest and practically irrelevant things can create a a huge trend that sparks in popularity. And that is the “tipping point” part. Gladwell uses three main concepts to help explain how tipping points work; the law of the few, the stickiness factor, and the power of context. Like an epidemic, he concludes that trends and ideas are spread through a few highly infectious or influential individuals to more and more individuals and then an entire generation. His point is incredibly eye-opening and absolutely accurate.

Gladwell further explains that it’s the stickiness factor that causes tipping points and trends. That’s when a product is really addictive or “sticky” and how that leads to it being a trend. It becomes something that people are attracted too, the more it spreads. Another one of his concepts includes the importance of context. Gladwell explains that a persons current situation also affects their choices to follow trends or their perception of whatever it is that is growing in popularity. I found this also accurate and different for each individual. But although we are all different, and in different situations, with varying circumstances, I feel that the stickiness of trends or things that become popular usually overcome people’s situations. He gave the example of how cleaning up graffiti can affect crime in an area, but I feel that if you’re a criminal, you will be a criminal no matter the surroundings.

Overall, The Tipping Point by Malcom Gladwell made me take a second look at society, our generation, and how people attach to popular ideas. The Tipping Point is very well written and definitely adds perspective to life. After reading the book, I am encouraged to be my own person and to only choose what I really think I will genuinely enjoy. I definitely recommend others to read this if they have time. It’s altered my point of view in a very positive way.

Kat K Travels

Kat Komarnicki is a free-spirited, adventurous, and beautiful person. And I say these things from experience because I used to live under the same roof as her… just a few doors down… until she started traveling so often. Kat somehow manages to defy the odds of being a broke college student (refer to my last post). She somehow manages to be out of town (or out of the country…) for most of the school year. Her blog shares her secrets and adventures that she somehow manages to consistently take.

All I can say is… #goals. I envy her travels but am so happy that at least one of us is experiencing this wonderful world.


Now that you know more about me, I’m sure you have realized that I am a college student. And just like any other, I am drowning in debt but still pushing towards graduation. A friend of mine created a blog about those circumstances and I definitely recommend checking it out.

Her posts are relatable, relevant, and really creative. Let me know what you think or feel free to leave a positive comment on her page 🙂

BIO 2016

More about me…

I am a multimedia journalist for WUFT News at the University of Florida. I’m currently under the college of Journalism and Communications as a telecommunications major specializing in news. I will be graduating with my Bachelor’s degree this April and interning with WESH 2 News during the summer. Along with being involved in the Panhellenic community, writing for the Odyssey newspaper, and working part-time as a marketing assistant, I am passionate about using my determination and creativity to reach my goals. I am bilingual, I enjoy volunteering for multiple philanthropies, and I hope that my passion for news will make a difference in the community.

For more about me, check our my resume or website !!

Make sure to check out my first bio post, to see how much I’ve progressed!


Below is a copy of my current resume that I am posting for a course, or for anyone who is interested in my qualifications! In no way am I an expert on fitness and healthy eating, but I do have some news reporting, radio reporting, and telecommunication skills under my belt! (Get it? Under my belt…)

Anyway, click on my name below if you’d like to check it out!

Megan Trepper-Bell



I came to the realization that many of us don’t have enough time in the day to actually cook a healthy meal, so I wanted to share some recipes that take far less time to make!

Quick Dinner Ideas: 30 Minute Dinner Recipes from Pinterest and

Quick Weight Loss Dinner Recipes: Healthy – Weight Loss Dinner Ideas from Pinterest and

Quick and Easy Breakfast Idea: Yogurt Parfait from my blog,

Enjoy these quick and easy ideas for the busy-bee’s in life!


Contrary to my usual blog post about fitness and working out, I wanted to post something about how important healthy eating is! I used Google and Pinterest to find some yummy dinner recipes and also found information on how much of an impact it makes on your body to eat healthy. (Tip according to, cutting back on calories could save you time!)

Dinner Idea I: Pesto Salmon Recipe from Pinterest and

Dinner Idea II: Bruschetta Chicken from Pinterest and

Lifehacker Article: Exercise vs. Diet from

Lunch Idea: Strawberry Salad from my blog,

It’s extremely important to keep your eating habits in line but to also enjoy the food you’re consuming. I learned the hard way that crazy diets, such as cutting out carbs, do not work!! Please take your body, health, and happiness into consideration when making your meals or ordering from menus!



Workout 2/16/2016

Once again, I stayed home to workout today.

Instead of following a YouTube video like I did in my previous workout blog post, I completed a little CrossFit-type circuit that I found on Pinterest! It didn’t seem difficult at first, but trust me, it was a great workout that got my heart rate up and exhausted my legs!

Workout Instructions Photo: CrossFit Workout from Pinterest.

Original Poster’s Workout Board: Workout Board from Pinterest.

Previous Workout Post: Workout 2/9/2016 from my Florida’s Fitness Blog and YouTube.



Workout 2/9/2016

Today, I decided to do another video workout tutorial because they’re easily accessible and I thought I would take advantage of being able to work out at home. Since I did more of a kickboxing//cardio workout yesterday, I went with more strength training today. Specifically in regards to the glutes and thighs! I’ll definitely be sore from this one.