Group Fitness 1/11/16

The University of Florida’s student recreation and fitness centers offer multiple group fitness classes for students to take. Not only are the classes offered at multiple different locations, but they are also available to students for FREE. Free workout classes are wonderful and they shouldn’t be taken for granted because after graduation, similar work-out classes will be far more costly and at public locations.

I began taking fitness classes on Sunday, January 10th, A.K.A. just yesterday… and I also took a class today called 50/50. It consisted of 50% cardio and 50% body weight training. Some of the exercises included plyometrics, agility, and other activities that raise your heart rate. Although it was difficult, I feel a lot better and more energized after taking it.

Below are my current statistics for anyone interested: (I’ll be posting these periodically to keep track of progress!)

  • Height: 5’3
  • Starting weight: 135 lbs
  • Size: Medium, 4

P.s. I’m already sore…



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